October 7, 2010


`He has indeed! For seven days and nights he has wept, because, ho! ho! ho! because he cannot marry the Moon, surpass the Sun, and possess the world!'
`And you,' said the King Neptune, `have you never wept for these things?'
`Not I!' puffed the Porpoise, `what! weep for the Sun and the Moon that are nothing but two blobs in the distance? Weep for the world that no one can behold? No, Father! When my dinner is in the distance, I'll weep for ョMDITッthatョMDNMッ; and when I see death coming, I'll weep for ョMDITッthatョMDNMッ; but for the rest, I say pooh!'

E. Farjeon, "Goldfish"